My Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming Career spans over ten years and more than ten online worlds. As near as I can remember, this is how it went.

Warhammer Online

Age of Conan

Lord of the Rings Online

    Brott Sexyback

  • Brott Sexyback, level 15 hobbit hunter, my cyber/porn character.
  • Foton’sMinstrel, level 57 human minstrel, aka The Main.
  • Foton’sChampion, level 15 human champion, aka The Alt I hope to work on some day if I can stop joining PWADW (PUGs With A Death Wish)
  • Foton’sCaptain, level 15 human captain, aka Another Alt (I hoped — past tense — to work on some day if I can stop joining PWADW)

World of Warcraft

    Foton's rogue

  • Foton’sRogue, level 70 human rogue on a U.S. PVE server, aka The Main.
  • Foton’sPriest, level 70 human priest on the same U.S. PVE server, aliases: The Alt, The Main Alt, Foton’s Cleric. RETIRED: February 2008 because Flash Heal is so pre-BC.
  • Foton’sWarlock, level 70 human warlock with massive OPness, excess Auction House inventory, runecloth netherweave bandages. Hell, he’s just all about the OPness now.

The Bank Alts and Mules, created to store craft components, bank overflow and handle Auction House transactions:

  • Foton’sPaladin, level 20-ish human paladin, leatherworking materials, gems, ore and Auction House ‘ho
  • Foton’sDruid, level 20-ish fruity night elf druid, herbs and extra potions
  • Imagine at least 5 other alts created solely to hold crafting materials and quest items because that’s how stupid this game was/is with bag space. Maybe always will be.

PVP Twinks:

  • Foton’sMage, level 19 pimped human mage with ridiculously overpowered enchants
  • Foton’sCowDruid, level 22 destitute tauren druid, aka The Flag Runner

The Burning Crusade Beta Characters:

  • Foton’sRogue, level 60-ish rogue on the beta PVE realm, Hellfire.
  • Foton’sShaman, level 15-ish draenei shaman on Hellfire.
  • Foton’sHunter, level 30-ish fancy-pants blood elf hunter on Hellfire.

Guild Wars

  • Foton’sRanger, level 20 ranger, secondary profession – monk
  • Foton’sMonk, level 20 monk, secondary profession – warrior

Star Wars Galaxies

  • Foton’sArchitect, human Master Architect and Master Merchant (adventures chronicled in The Grumpy Master Architect)
  • Foton’sTerasKasiMaster, human Master Teras Kasi and Master Doctor (PVP ‘ho)

EverQuest (the Original, not EQII)

  • Foton’sBard, level 65 wood elf bard, aka The Main
  • Foton’sCleric, level 65 dark elf cleric, aka The Alt
  • Foton’sDruid, level 65 wood elf dr00d and proud manastone owner, aka The Original Main. Dinged to 50 (the original max level) on Butcherblock guards. True story.
  • Foton’sWarrior, level 20-ish human warrior, bazaar ‘ho

Dark Age of Camelot

  • Foton’sCleric, level 50 briton cleric, aka The Main
  • Foton’sSkald, level 50 norseman skald, aliases: The New Main and Hot Damn, This is Easy!
  • Foton’sMinstrel, level 40-ish briton minstrel, aka The Alt
  • Foton’sBard, level 20-ish elf bard, aka The Fey Alt, because I was curious if Hibernia sucked as badly as people claimed. (It did.)

Anarchy Online

  • Foton’sMartialArtist, level 100-ish solitus martial artist, aka The AO Main
  • Foton’sDoctor, level 100-ish solitus doctor, aka The AO Grouping Alt
  • Foton’sEnforcer, level 100-ish solitus enforcer, aka The AO PVP Alt

(Yes, I had the sunglasses for each of them. Jealous?)

Rolemaster: Magestorm

  • Foton’sCleric, level 30 cleric – NOT A REZZ PUP 😉
  • Foton’sArcanist, level 30 arcanist, terrorist bomber in the making

Other Passing Fancies

(or, I can’t remember what the hell I played — and in some cases, why I played — these games)

  • City of Heroes
  • Asheron’s Call
  • Asheron’s Call 2
  • Shadowbane
  • NO Horizons. I dodged that bullet.

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