Lord of the Rings Online

  • 04/07 – Present – Tiny kinship of WoW guildmates on vacation/hiatus from World of Warcraft. Currently working on noob – intermediate zones.

World of Warcraft

  • 7/07 – Present – Smaller raid guild of mutineers and shanghaied players sailing the open seas of the 25-man gear zones.
  • 11/05 – 7/07 – Endgame raiding guild with approximately 70-person roster, including level 60+ alts. Was working on Karazhan (for the slowpokes), Gruul’s Lair, Tempest Keep, and Serpentshrine Cavern, until I ruined that dream (to hear their side of the story). Pre-Burning Crusade: Blackwing Lair, Ahn’Qiraj-40, and partial Naxxramas on farm.
  • 7/05 – 11/05 – Beginner raiding guild (aka TwatGuild) that was allied with the guild I joined in 11/05. The guild alliance was working on Molten Core and Onyxia at the time.
  • 12/04 – 7/05 – Small guild of friends from other games, principally EverQuest. Our guild motto … No, you can’t join us.
  • 11/04 – 12/04 – Star Wars Galaxies PVP guild moves to World of Warcraft. (AFK Gamer stories Part I and Part II)

Star Wars Galaxies

  • 3/04 – 7/04 – Rebel PVP guild (that would eventually move intact to World of Warcraft).
  • 8/03 – 2/04 – Small guild of friends, mostly from … (wait for it) … EverQuest. Primarily we were a tradeskill/crafter guild that sporadically got some PVP action. (Adventures chronicled in The Grumpy Master Architect) No drama in my leaving this guild — just grew weary of moving harvesters around each day and loading up factories.

Dark Age of Camelot

  • 09/01 – 12/01 – Joined a guild of former Magestorm/EverQuest guildmates in the Dark Age of Camelot beta program and continued with them in the live version — heavily into Realm versus Realm (RVR) combat.


  • 4/02 – 8/03 – Endgame raiding guild. EverQuest officially became a second job for me, however, that taught me an important lesson: Never again.
  • 2/02 – 4/02 – Moved my characters to the newly opened Stormhammer server, the premium subscription server. Joined one of the guilds that formed on opening day out in East Karana. We did some raiding, progressed, then the Guild Leader walked away with the guild bank. (AFK Gamer story)
  • 4/00 – 4/01 – Formed a new raiding guild with some players I grouped/leveled-my-alt-with near and in Karnor’s Castle. I became increasingly annoyed with the nightly whining and planned my escape into Anarchy Online and the Dark Age of Camelot beta.
  • Late 3/00 – Early 4/00 – I joined this endgame guild shortly after the release of Ruins of Kunark, EQ’s first expansion — the only guild I’ve ever been kicked from. This is me being nice: I wasn’t right for them, they weren’t right for me. This is blunt: I’ve got better things to do than equip a guildleader’s whore wife, and I said so, with slightly more tact. At any rate, they booted my disrespectful ass unceremoniously one evening, shortly after I logged on. Heh, good for them — never woulda worked out.
  • 1/2000 – 3/2000 – Beginner raiding guild that was in the middle of the curve, progression-wise. Eventually this guild fizzled, mostly because the Guild Leader started banging a new guildmember, and our Assistant Guild Leader, his real life wife, had a problem with that. Go figure. (AFK Gamer story)
  • 3/99 – 12/99 – Magestorm guild moves to EverQuest. We spend most of our time in March 1999 asking guildmates if the servers are back up yet.

Rolemaster: Magestorm

  • Autumn 96 – 3/99 – The best damn PVP guild in the game. This game didn’t have in-game mechanics for guilds; the best they could do for players was to change a character’s name to include a guild acronym at the end, e.g. Foton_GOTD, for Guild of the Douches in our example here. 😯 Anyone who says we weren’t the best is LYING or has a poor memory.

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