Remember the Sunwell!

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Aha. So it is a WoW Patch Day today after all!

Why couldn’t they just say that yesterday? I don’t know. Probably this is a Suits vs The Patch Department thing.

And because WoWWiki and Wowhead are about a billion times more accurate and timely than anything Blizzard puts out, some links to click:

2.4.0 Patch Notes
Undocumented Patch Changes
Patch Mirrors — if your ISP is like my ISP, you’re not allowed to torrent ANYTHING because only thieves and bandwidth hogs use torrent.
New 2.4 badge loot

Where in the WoW?

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Where in WoW (03-23-08)

What in the world was Foton camping?

If you’re the sort who celebrates the Christian holy days, have a good holiday. If you’re not, enjoy the readily-available bunny and egg-shaped candy. You’re welcome.

Where in the WoW?

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Where in the WoW (03-14-08)

This makes a nice backdrop for character pics, btw.

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