A Mean Idea to Call My Own

Traveling today, back in my adopted town tomorrow.

In the meantime … I’ve done some work on back info you might find amusing. As you’ve probably noticed, I revamped the look around AFK Gamer. (And if you’re reading blogs via feed reader only, you’re wrong.) More importantly, I fixed some of the static pages and expanded the historical record. If you’re the type who enjoys second-guessing others’ poor decisions (e.g. mine) — and we’re talking YEARS OLD decisions here — you might enjoy this.

Within the limits of blurred memories, I documented my game characters and guilds over the past ten years. Here’s an example of why this is mildly amusing: EQ – Original Main: Druid (soloing juggernaut), Next Main: Bard (post-Luclin soloing juggernaut), Constant Alt: Cleric (equip my Mains, kthxbye).

Takes me a while to figure out the system, but once I do, immersion and community be damed, I’m working it.

While it took me weeks to remember all that and piece together the dates, I realized that most of the memories had become fond ones. That’s one of the advantages of losing your mind.

A Twofer

Tale of Two Cities — Maybe it’s the same city, the City of Heroes and the City of Villains, I dunno. It’s for sure the same monthly fee, $14.99 for both, as announced yesterday by NCSoft. Just imagine the bios the Villain people would write for themselves: I was minding my own business when this dude dressed like a freaking bat drops me into a vat of acid. Months of cosmetic surgery later, my face has no muscular control or pigmentation. Ya, I guess you could say I’m bitter.

Dust Off Your Hero Capes

Hey kids! In my email earlier today, I read that :coh: is offering five free days of play for former accounts still in good standing. Quotage:

The recent arrival of Issue #4 and PvP marks a milestone in the history of City of Heroes and we’re celebrating by granting you 5 FREE days of game play! There’s no better time to check out the multitude of new features and updated game content the streets of Paragon Cityâ„¢ have to offer.

… log into the game between 2pm (CDT) on Thursday, May 26th and 11:59pm (CDT) on Tuesday, May 31st and you will find your account reactivated FREE of charge! Your hero characters will be waiting just as you left them, ready for new adventures.

Hard to believe that my account is in good standing. They really should mark me: “Slacker. Complete lack of effort. Also, always yelling at everyone to shaddup in the public channel.”