For those of you waiting breathlessly for Warhammer Online beta invites, you will not like this: Warhammer Online to Close Beta Servers for Two Months.

Basically, EA Mythic is closing down the beta servers on October 10, 2007 and they won’t be reopened for pleasure until early December 2007. Not that I know what I’m missing because they forgot to email my beta invite, but I’ll bet it was everything I’ve dreamed it could be. And more!

I really picked the wrong day to give up heavy drinking.

Warhammer Rats

Warhammer Online, the beta to die for, has been killing the beta accounts for the overly chatty among us (read: NDA OFFENDERS). Richard Duffek, of Mythic:

Yesterday we removed several more people from the Beta for NDA violations. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, however secure you THINK the location you’re spilling your guts about Beta is, trust me, it isn’t. There’s always someone there who will turn you in for the slightest chance of getting into beta. And you know, from our point of view, that’s a great thing. Our numbers stay the same, one out, one in.

So if you get into the Beta, please keep in mind, it’s not only us that is out there scouring the web for NDA violations, it’s everyone else who isn’t in as well.

I’m not turning rat for a “slightest chance” to get into WO beta, but if that chance was 100%, I’d turn any one of you in and sleep with a shiv under my pillow.

And Another Thing

I have to go farm shards raid in World of Warcraft tonight, but, I clicked on the LOTRO shortcut accidentally, and here’s the answer to the WHEN?? WHEN?? question, from the LOTRO launcher:

Pre-launch Downtime: Tuesday, April 24 6:00AM Eastern

Apr 23, 2007 15:50 EST

Greetings everyone!

The LOTRO game servers will be brought down on Tuesday, April, 24th at 6:00 AM Eastern for a final bit of pre-launch maintenance and to remove the level cap in preparation for LOTRO to go live! We expect the downtime to last up to 4 hours, and look forward to seeing everyone in Middle-earth when the servers come back up! Thanks for playing!

Note: No additional patch notes anticipated for this downtime.

So ok then.