Almost Too Easy

March 13, 2008 by • Filed Under World of Warcraft Journal8 Comments 

The /gquit prank, a classic

Don’t try that prank when you’re tired or drunk. If you miss that initial blank space in the chat window before typing /gquit, you’ll gquit yourself then have to explain in shame why you need a re-invite to the guild.

That’s the voice of experience talking.

Overheard in Shattrath City

March 11, 2008 by • Filed Under World of Warcraft Journal1 Comment 

Outside World of Warcraft’s Scryer bank, two would-be cybermates are /dancing and chatting in /say.

Mate01: You’re such a cute gnome.

Mate02: You’re cuter! I’m so gonna stock you.

See that? I hadn’t even realized that “stalk” and “stock” are homonyms. Learn something new every day.

Overheard in Guild Ventrilo

March 7, 2008 by • Filed Under World of Warcraft Journal2 Comments 

I’m outside Zul’Aman, cooling my heels on the waitlist, while my guild is clearing to Hex Lord.

Hunter: Hey! How come our target macros don’t work on these totems? (The /target corrupted macro from the Halazzi fight)

Raid Leader: Ummm …

Warlock: Because these aren’t corrupted lightning totems?

Hunter: Oh.

I’ll bet he still doesn’t understand why his macro was “broken”.

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