I Like to Port

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What did I tell you about grouping in Guild Wars?

OMG, I got grouped!

Grouping is ill advised!! Flee the area!

(Here’s another GW tip: being ninja grouped is nothing that an insta-port can’t solve.)

I Explain It All, Part 3

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I have some Guild Wars advice for you about grouping … or partying as the Gen4 people say. (feh!)


I know, you’ll be tempted. You’ll think, “How bad could a pickup group be?” Then you’ll think, “Ok, that was just the one group that stunk to high hell.” Eventually, you’ll rage, “This can’t be! Every single goddamn group is a fucking nightmare. This just isn’t possible!”

Oh, it be possible.

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Walks Like a Woman, Talks Like a Man

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I could be wrong about this …


… but I’m gonna guess the guild tag is fitting.


Here’s some more examples of the loving, supportive community in Guild Wars:

I love you too


Only Twice

(he’s a bigger person than me … I’ll only admit to one dumass mistake per day MAXIMUM)

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