Game Design Innovations

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Interesting compilation of the 50 GREATEST GAME DESIGN INNOVATIONS (their ALL CAPS, not mine), including Exploration, Gestural Interfaces (think Wii), Bullet Time and Stealth. After reading through the historical examples and the commentary, I realized that we could spend a lifetime arguing about which game did what first. (via Next Generation)

All in the Family

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A World of Warcraft, Illidan-realm poster demonstrates the importance of self-editing: Is this game good for family boning?

HBO Buys Second Life Film

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HBO bought the rights to a film shot entirely inside Second Life, everyone’s favorite human zoo. Basically, this dude took off from his real life and began game blogging (I think) from Second Life and tada! now he’s got an HBO deal. Unreal.

Each of the 7 mini-episodes of “My Second Life” explore a different subculture within the virtual world, according to HBO …

Oh god.

(Via Washington Post)

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