Coming Soon in a Hotfix Near You

La la la, it’s good to be a rogue.

Since this is all over the World of Warcraft boards and the (mostly-boring) game video sites, take a look (or just read) about rogue chest farming in The Underbog. In addition to the linked video in that thread, there’s several other instructional Underbog videos on WarcraftMovies.

UPDATE: Thread deleted under mysterious circumstances (woooOOoooOOooo), but here’s the gist — rogue sets Underbog to heroic, stealths into instance, checks upstairs for a chest in 1st position, stealths upstairs to the overhang above the chest, pulls chest-guarding mobs with a long-range aggro mechanism (engineering items, magic candles, etc.), watches now-aggro mobs path around to his position in the distance for max lock-pick time just in case, drop down, vanish to lose aggro, the race to loot the chest is on, loot chest, dance if you’re a troll rogue, stealth, flee!, PROFIT! A video link is below for interested rogues. Shame they deleted that thread. Most of the entertainment was the rogues calling each other snitching shits and greedy F’s. Thanks to DSJ for the heads-up on the thread delete.

(No, my rogue hasn’t done the Underbog chest thing. I’m too busy farming magic candles in Elwynn Forest.)

Speaking of nerfed treasure chests … and I’m using the word “treasure” loosely … has anyone ever pulled good loot from an outdoors Outland chest? I never have. Never, never, never, never. I don’t even know why I bother anymore. I don’t think I’ve looted anything worthwhile from an outdoors chest since early 2006, and trust me, I check every one I see.

Chests used to mean something in this game. Now it’s just a bunch of crap food not even fit for a hunter pet.

See also: video by Jammno, rogue of Barthilas.
Reconstituted forum thread screenshot — soon to be deleted also but maybe the mods won’t notice it with all the shaman fuss.

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon in a Hotfix Near You

  1. World chests have mostly been typical white junk, but twice I’ve had BoE blue items, that sold for a packet. I open every chest I see, and always empty them.

    The chest in the Skettis area is a good one too, as it has a good amount of stuff and is unguarded.

  2. Are you serious? I treasurehunt outlands outdoor chests all the time on my dorf, great source of hp/mana pots and the whatever herbs/ores/bars you get too.

    Not gotten any greens in the outlands-outlands ones, but the pre-outlands-outlands ones (the ones that give cherry pies and morning glory dew) once yeilded a blue sword for my priest in terrokar.

  3. Nothing good since ’06 in outdoor chests. Occasional green or gem in pickpocketed boxes. I’d give away my dungeon stealth runs, but I don’t want them to get the fix.

    The first rule about chest farming is you don’t talk about chest farming. 😉

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