WoW Guild Form Letters

Actual response to a (former) World of Warcraft guild member’s inquiry on why he was /gbooted. MIND YOU, this was his third inquiry and we thought we were pretty clear the first and second times.

Dear *Former Member*,

You’re a great player and any guild would be lucky to have you.

Unfortunately, there was a ruckus on the public realm forums (which you initiated?). Insult to injury, the ruckus was about your application to another guild. Something about they denied your application … and also your app was a complete surprise to us?

You see our point.

While we do appreciate functional alcoholism (and who among us hasn’t applied to a rival guild while drunk? — we all have!), we’d like to move on.

Best Wishes Always,

*Foton’s Guild*

Feel free to use this template for your own guild. You wouldn’t think you’d need this kind of administration for gaming guilds, but you really do.

2 thoughts on “WoW Guild Form Letters

  1. wait wait…. he not only app’d another guild while wearing your guild tag, but when he got denied, he raised a ruckus about the denial on the realm forums – while still wearing your guild tag?

    that’s just… wow. so dumb. where do you find these ppl?

  2. You’d have to pay me to be a GM – it’s too much like management to want to do it for free. My guild’s GM is a veritable saint when it comes to dealing with my fellow guildies.

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