9 thoughts on “Where in the WoW?

  1. yep, coilfang entrance. i make a beeline for it and stop paying attention to where i’m going until i get there.

    have you noticed recently that you can’t just fly down the spiral and into the water anymore? gryphons are now apparently unable to get wet.

  2. Water no longer automatically dismounts you as of a recent patch (flying mounts, anyway). This is a *good* thing….

    Have you tried skimming the water’s surface on an aether ray? It’s pretty cool…

  3. It’s almost too easy that i’m looking for some reason why it wouldn’t be coilfang entrance lol.

  4. Coilfang Reservoir Entrance. Man i’ve seen that sight too many days over the last week, Lady Vashj learning ftl.

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