19 thoughts on “You’re Pro or You’re a Noob

  1. “Just my presence, my charismatic presence, makes us win.”

    That’s the quote of the year.

  2. Clip 2 has been released on his blog. This guy is just hilarious! Reminds me yet again why I play PVE…


  4. As soon as I saw the part were they were playing the music from Titanic I came to the conclusion that there is no possible way this is 100% for serious, I mean really who does that?

  5. The scary part is, you could cut&paste those two guys into a scene from Trainspotting and they’d fit right in…

  6. Yeah that cracked me up! His boyfriend is cute (him… not so much). And… their place was a pig sty, I couldn’t game in an environment like that. I guess that means I’m old 🙂

  7. The guy in the background…was just so calm. He amused me more than the egotistical pally. The paladin made me want to cry inside.

  8. And I realized that this guy reminds me of my grandmother.
    “Blahblahblah I’m better than you blah blah blah.”

    Same accent and everything.

  9. What does “You’re pro or you’re noob.That’s life!” Mean? Where does it come from? A video game? My friend has it in his away message, but I want to know what it means. Can anyone help me?

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