Brewfest 2007

Brewfest 2007

There were some hotfixes applied to the world event Brewfest, namely they disabled the Dark Iron Dirf script because of lag issues.

I ran some of the nonsense quests for this event last night while the guild was whiteboarding tonight’s raid. Here’s my review of Brewfest: STOP GIVING ME MORE QUEST PIECES TO CARRY AROUND, hell I haven’t had bag space available since pre-Onyxia. Resist sets, flasks, combat supplies, daily quest pieces, faction grind quest pieces, mounts (have to carry around two now) — thank god I’ve given up on leatherworking and thank god I’m not a buff class. Who do I have to blow over there to get some MEANINGFUL bag space? Why can’t we have a bottomless bag (a TRULY bottomless bag) for quest items? Do I have to buy the expansion for that?

Prediction: The expansion will offer a must-have semi-fix for bag space. And it will involve a grind of some sort. (Boy, I really went out on a limb there.)

Bonus: Screenshot of Kagetsu of the Dath’Remar realm and his (world first?) Brewfest swift ram. (Thread with his announcement.) And of course no one cares about the ram, but are very interested in the 30k gold. Several theories are floated: buy gold, no life, daily quests grinding (ya, right), rare pattern crafter, but I don’t think anyone theorized guild bank thief. Not accusing! Just saying.

6 thoughts on “Brewfest 2007

  1. I had me some fun at beerfest last night. Got plastered. Got hit on. Got a freak-of-nature winged rabbit thingy pet. Gonna keep goin’ back til I get me a ram. It’s a dang shame da whole thing is such a clusterfluhg. “Here’s quests” “No there ain’t” “Reward is X” “No, it’s Y” “Dwarves!” “No dwarves!” Argh.

    And yeah, more stuff what ya gotta keep in yer bags.

  2. Brewfest has really put a spotlight on the morons and jerks out there. My ignore list hasn’t been this active in a long time.

  3. Got a freak-of-nature winged rabbit thingy pet.

    Freak of nature is right. How many different mutations in that gene pool do ya think?

  4. Aww, man! The fanged-winged-antlered half-owlbear half-bunny thingie is my new favorite pet! And for once players didn’t have to spend half a day questing to get the dang specialty pet!

  5. So, anyone else notice the ‘Anne Summers’ npc vendor there?

    …and also the fact she’s a cheese vendor 😐

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