Here’s Lots of Stupid

"I got a girl pregnant"Here’s the promised screenshot, by Ohsnap, of a guild with many flavors of stupid. (Click » All Sizes for fully legible size.)

Now, the next time you think Foton is wrong about everyone on your server being a complete whackjob except for MAYBE ten, eleven people, I want you to return to this screenshot and remind yourself of the many flavors of stupid.

Meanwhile, back on my own server of stupid, remember the Guild That Hates My Guild who lost their guildbank to a two-time guildbank thief? (Here it is: The School of Hard Knocks in Session)

Well, they had been taking some heat lately for game drama and guild drama, and unfortunately for them, they’re too damn stupid to tell their own guildmates to keep their damn mouths shut so, of course, every last person knew of their troubles and was very entertained by it all. Including me.

And so, it is with some awe and mild surprise that I can report their guildbank has been stolen AGAIN, in another server-transfer and run scam — this time by the guildleader, whose e-friends and asslicking guild loyalists are trying to play this off as a hack job.

Hacked or fooled twice, which is the greater stupid?

10 thoughts on “Here’s Lots of Stupid

  1. Wow….that’s just, wow.

    I can’t wait for the in-game banking system to be implemented. It is very stressful having to wonder if everytime someone gets pissed the guild bank is going to disappear into the ether.

  2. Oh, I imagine guild banks will STILL get ripped off by someone with access who isn’t trustworthy. But, depending on the implementation (and if the guild uses whatever limits might be available), it could lessen the pain and prevent the complete cleanout.

  3. Grade A twat – why did he have to be in my guild ?

    As ForLothar said, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

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