Love Among the Netherwings

Continuing our theme of Love! Love! this week, I present the sweetest quest in World of Warcraft. (Stop that! I’m serious.)

You want to get this done before any untimely nerfing. I’m not saying it will be nerfed, I’m saying it’s got the stink of nerf because it’s a fairly simple quest line, largely solo-able if you have a flying mount, the item rewards don’t suck, and ka-ching! 42k netherwing reputation. That’s right … 42,000.

The quest line is detailed on Thottbot and begins in Shadowmoon Valley with a wandering NPC named Mordenai.

After completing a business transaction with Mordenai, he sends you into the air to talk to the big guy, Neltharaku.


Nelth is going to monopolize your time for a few quests and then he’ll share his dirty little secret: his mate has been captured by orcs and he needs your assistance.

The captured mate, Karynaku:

Neltharaku's Not Very Bright Mate

Recommended party size: five — that’s negotiable, depending on classes and talent specs. To be safe and avoid a run back, take five.

I won’t spoil the surprise quest ending but it’s sweet. Even a click-through quester like me appreciated the ending, as well as the ka-ching! plus 42k reputation (to neutral).

Like so many rescue quests, it’s a bittersweet victory: not long after you rescue Karynaku, she’s recaptured. *sigh*

Fercrissakes, if everytime you go into an orc fortress you’re captured, it’s time to come up with a Plan B.

6 thoughts on “Love Among the Netherwings

  1. Awwwww.

    I do often wonder about the wisdom of NPCs. Like those children in Terrokar that keep getting re-captured by the Arakkoa. Sheesh, kids, stay out of the woods!

  2. It shames me to ask for your assistance once more, (Name), but you are my flight’s only hope. Without my mate, the netherwing brood may die out completely.

    Make your way to the top of Dragonmaw Fortress and find Karynaku.

    We will be flying overhead. Should a break appear in their defenses, the might of the netherwing will swoop down to assist you.

    The final script for the questline also refers to Karynaku with a feminine title.

    This is not the gay dragonkin quest you seek.

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