Smug Aliens

Alien Landing Strip

Probably the same alien bastards who built Stonehenge built this landing strip in World of Warcraft’s Nagrand too!

(And we know it’s not the Draenei cuz they can’t fly a spacecraft for shit.)

Probably the smug bastards in charge of the Caverns of Time. Have you taken their tour yet? Here’s the quick version of the tour … Here’s a hallway, you wouldn’t understand, let’s keep moving. (walk, walk in a circle) Here’s another hallway that you wouldn’t understand and we’re moving … (walk, walk in a circle) Again. Hallway. You wouldn’t get it. (walk, walk, arrive at starting point) There’s your goddamn tour, moron. Leave us now, we have stuff to discuss that you wouldn’t understand.

I’m really glad that tour didn’t cost anything because it blew.

5 thoughts on “Smug Aliens

  1. Tip: Get someone in your group who is doing it as well, take the quest at the same time … /follow and go make a cuppa coffee 😛

  2. i was really not prepared for that ‘tour’. Blizzard could of at least let us /follow the NPC…

  3. ooh, not done that tour yet. I still can’t figure out which faction to go for. The choice for me is: the ability to get Fire Resistance LW patterns, or Arcane Res LW patterns. And i’ve never known anywhere to need that much Arcane res gear. So it’s got me wondering…

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