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There’s some frightening stuff going on in this World of Warcraft thread: So does anyone know if celebrities play WoW??, well, besides the obvious … that anyone would care.

Quoting for the firewall-challenged:

Reply #26:

Man… on added thought. How cool would it be if you played with a celebrity, and you didn’t know, and your guild was tight, you all decided to meet up for a crazy weekend in Vegas or something…

And BAM!

Hugh Laurie, Robin Williams, Vin Diesel, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Beckinsale start shouting for your in-game character name?

The closest thing we have in my town is that Tonya Harding (evil figure skater person) lives in my town.

I sold her boyfriend/husband/whatever he is to her a copy of WoW and a computer at my local Best Buy.

Oh ya, that would be too cool alright.

This is disturbing in a different direction, reply #45:

I know a few RPers that have a voice changer for their Vent/ TS. It’s sooo weird, he actually sounds like a girl. I’m really concerned for him now. …

???. !!!. I’d say they only come out at night, but that guy probably uses his voice changer whenever he can.

And lastly, reply #84:

There is one in one of my guilds, but I can not give out their game name nor thier real id.

Ok. Thanks for playing.

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  1. Both the guitarists from In Flames play WoW!. If you watch the DvD from A Sense Of Purpose, they both bitch about how when recording, WoW wouldnt work on there computers! lmao

  2. Vin Diesel definitely played WoW back in the day: way back in the day, like before Dire Maul came out. I was in the same guild as him, actually. When I first joined, I didn’t believe that it was him until I heard his voice on vent; and even still, I suspected it was just an average joe who had a similar voice until I saw some casual non-Hollywoodish photos of him he put up on a guild-forum photos thread. I think he had a good laugh from the shock of most members who hadn’t suspected it was him.

    Funniest moment was when he had to leave an MC raid for ‘work’, then a fair while later someone excitedly said over vent to turn on David Letterman and what-do-you-know? He was on as the guest for the show.

    He quit a very long time ago though because he was getting into production. I don’t know if he ever came back to play again; or if he did, where he would be. By the way, it was years ago so I don’t think it really matters now: he used to play on Arthas (US) as an Undead Priest.

  3. Any interesting characters play on Korgath (US), i know someone has to, we’re rockin #2 spot on pve progression even though we’re a pvp server. Our guild leader was gonna hire richard simmons for a wow convention over there in california, my god i wanna see that on youtube, that would just win everything forever.

  4. I actually know Simon Cowell irl from school. I speak to him regularly and he recently sent me an invite to WoW via email. He plays Turalyon EU, rogue called Elf. (not giving his main’s name for privacy). A fair few people already knew this though.

  5. Jens Pulver (MMA fighter and former UFC champion) played a rogue on Burning Legion. He even got GM.

  6. can any one think of a cool name for world of warcraft i want to start a tauren hunter

    Anhero – Foton

  7. I know for certain that a famous skateboarder called; Paul Rodriguez is playing WoW. I read it in a monthly skateboarding magazine.

    He plays a NE hunter called ” Lesley” ( his wife’s name )on the realm Executus(EU)
    I have spoken to him, he also said he didn’t mind replying to people.

  8. Mila Kunis!!! I know it’s already been said, but she’s gorgeous. She has a 70 alliance mage on an unknown server. She also stated in an interview that she doesn’t speak on Ventrilo or anything anymore because someone recognized her voice a while back. 😛

  9. ok well first off why does everyone go on and on that emo’s are gay and annoying and blah blah blah… i have plenty of emo friends and they are good friends yes they wear jeans that dont allow there junk to breath lol but ya… also hot chicks do play WOW i am one of them i’m very into the game and have a life and if you need proof i have 2 guys and im not a virgin so i would say yes girls who are good looking and have a life play the game… and we kick ass more than you think we would lol…

  10. I agree that good looking women do play this game, I’ve met a few of them and I myself am not a bad looking chick – though, I’m no Angelina. It’s nice to see that some celebrities are into the gaming world like we are.

    And nice try, Crystal. “If you need proof i have 2 guys and im not a virgin,” because being a slut makes you hot, amirite? Please take a look at Adriana Lima before you decide that virginity has anything to do with being attractive. Bye~

  11. I’ll agree too that good looking women play WOW, I’ve been playing for a couple years, and again like the last post, I’m no Angelina or Jessica Simpson, but I’m not a bad looking girl myself!! 🙂 everyone has geek in them..

  12. chu-well not exactly what i was meaning but if you wanna criticize go right a head lol so immature!

    and the only reason i put this up is cuz some guy said hot chicks dont play wow lol…

  13. I’m glad a lot of females play WoW. Usually people congratulate my boyfriend when they discover i’m a girl who plays by telling him how lucky he suceeded into “pulling me into the game”. The funny face comes later when they discover it was the other way around hehe

  14. I know why guys think that only ugly girls play wow. When I went to the 12am WOTLK selling at Wal-Mart (the only place within 50 miles of ST.L open late) I was in line with probably 30 other people.. ugly as hell.. no joke, me (a girl) and one other guy were the only people in line that looked or smelled like we took showers or cared about our hygiene. I was incredibly embarrassed. Respectable girls do not want to be grouped with that, uh, group. So we don’t usually advertise that we play. It attracts… smells.

  15. Any Ozzy fan’s out there? look at ‘Ozzy WoW’ on youtube and you find out that the Prince of Darkness plays. I wish I could, but it’s hard to learn guitar and play video games together…. not a good excuse, but to each his own…

  16. Mila Kunis ( Jackie from That 70’s show) plays or used to play)she did an interview on jimmy kimmel where she was talking about her mage. dunno the name or server

  17. George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher got a NPC Quest giver named after him, he is in WOTLK Borean Tundra Starting area, The NPC’s Name is Gorge Corpsegrinder

  18. My brother’s GF is a WoW’er and she is hot as hell and has a great job.

    The whole “pretty people have better things to do than play WoW” is such a farse and a stigma.

    Doesn’t matter what you “look-like” – it’s all about what you enjoy.

    And some of the best players i have played with, have been females.

  19. i am very supprised to see how many celebs play wow more suprised than when i found out she is going out with home alone kid.

  20. Ya the guy who called Cannibal Corpse emo (and anyone who thinks it is) obviously has not heard their music. It’s death metal… They don’t cry and say how miserable they are and whatever. They talk about killing people, people dying.


    And if you categorize this as emo, you may as well label all music as emo. Almost every song has some sort of level of emotion. Directly or indirectly.

  21. Evo morales, president of Bolivia, plays Wow at a Pirate Server called, wowbeez, its funny cuz he has a complete tier 8 set.

  22. “If you need proof i have 2 guys and im not a virgin”
    – no-one really needs to know. You make it out like all girls who play WoW and also have a life are emo sluts. What a surprise. I’m mightily unimpressed with your comment, I think it’s inappropriate and somewhat distasteful that you think that sharing your sexual experience with goodness knows who is somehow a good thing. Virginity has nothing to do with attractiveness, although in my experience, all the girls who are virgins are more beautiful than those who screw anything that comes along.

    You give us respectable girls a bad name.

    “Respectable girls do not want to be grouped with that, uh, group. So we don’t usually advertise that we play. It attracts — smells.”
    – Hear hear, when I went to the WOTLK opening there were 2 girls there alone, and three token girlfriends. All the girls were good looking imo. 90% of the guys were below average, but again, that doesn’t really matter because looks don’t affect your game play.

  23. so what happened to this thread beaing about Celebrity WoW players?

    all i read is ’emo this emo that’
    ‘i am not a virgin this makes me attractive’
    ‘bad smells’


  24. Zac Efron was in my ex boyfriend’s guild in WoW. I won’t tell server, but he did enjoy the game knowing that noone knew who he was, although he did often mention various events of his famous lifestyle.

  25. Yeah, i’m a chick considered good-looking and I am heavily into WoW. None of my friends can believe it and i am teased on a constant basis… I tell them that the geekish leanings were always there – i’m obsessed with Doctor Who, for God’s sake.

  26. hi
    people who are going on about virgin things are sick the game is about having fun and not about boyfriends or ex boyfriends or girlfriends or ex girlfriends so builid a brigh and get over it and get a life.
    so people who think there hot are total idiots and everyone who plays world of warcraft have a great time
    and newcastle (england)rules
    and if vin d plays u are so cool.

  27. I’m not a big Korn fan, nor do I know any of the members names, but its fairly common knowledge that the leader or founder or whatever of Children of the Korn is a band member. In an odd heroic pug or something you’ll see one of the members of the guild and the conversation sometimes goes like this “Hey, does that guy from Korn still play with you guys?” “Lol, yeah.” “Cool, next pull..”

    And that’s the end of it. I don’t know of anyone that’s sent him tells because he’s famous. People are hounded all the time, it’d probably be nice to be left alone for a bit and just enjoy your free time. Plus, he’s not in Ulduar gear so…What’s the point of sending him tells?

    Regarding women that play:

    I know at least 12 women that are attractive that play with their husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, or solo. You don’t have to be ugly or beautiful to cast innervate at the right time or cast FFB. Odd generalization though, most of the women I know, play casters 😛

  28. Regarding women that play:

    I know at least 12 women that are attractive that play with their husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, or solo. You don’t have to be ugly or beautiful to cast innervate at the right time or cast FFB. Odd generalization though, most of the women I know, play casters 😛

    That’s funny, I happen to play with my Husband, and I play a Resto Druid. I know several other gamer girls, and at least three other married couples that play WoW. I do believe all of the women/girls I know play casters. Although some of them have melee/ranged alts, their mains are indeed casters…

  29. I’m female and I play a caster….

    just thought i’d add to that.

    And anyone see Vin Diesel on Jonathan Ross’ show?
    He admitted he played, and Rossy’s wife plays too she’s “Green and rides a tiger”
    Troll? Night elf riding a nightsaber?

    I’d like to know 🙂

  30. Theres a magazine called Online Gamer and it had an Interview with the Lead Singer from ” Blue Oyster Cult ” who religiously plays WOW and other online games. He plays also when ther on Tour. I have the magazine, but I forgot his character names, guild and server, it does mention it though.

  31. I’m a chick and I love WoW, but i wouldn’t dream of rolling a caster. My main is a feral druid. Love my kitty!
    My bf and I were at his friend’s house for a group sesh of Warcraft playing and this guy asked why there aren’t more hot nerd girls like me. Haha.

  32. Lol@All the girls who post here and try to make their comments about themselves and how “hot” they are.

  33. I have got to admit i laughed so hard reading this all the way to the bottom, it is true Females do tend to play casters and have melee/dps alts. I myself have a main priest and an alt hunter. It may be a general stereotype but its still hilarious. I know a few girls who dps’s but very few who tank. As for celebrities, its nice and all but they wouldn’t have the time to play it like we all do anyways so meh. I was merely out to prove a point to my sister that the game is more popular than she thinks it is, case closed really lol.

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