The Burning Crusade, Day One

The Burning CrusadeIf you’re still looking to score a Collector’s Edition of World of Warcraft’s The Burning Crusade, looks like EBGames can hook you up for $99.98. ZOWIE. Includes a strategy guide AND BINDER.

I have the Collector’s Edition with the “I’m cooler than you, nub” netherwhelp, but I don’t have THE BINDER. Total price, $90 to my door, overnight, which I really shouldn’t be boasting about because that’s just nuts for a game but I’m a sucker for the CEs.

If you do get or have the Collector’s Edition, I’ll warn you that Track #3 is the Blood Elf cello music — guaranteed to induce (or exacerbate) clinical depression.

And now I’m even more upset that I don’t have THE BINDER.

About the expansion launch itself, on my server, it went off without a hitch — no restarts, mass dumps or queues during primetime. It was a little crowded in the level 60-noob areas — orcs had a life expectancy of 2 seconds — but that’s not anyone’s fault, just the way of things.

We had several “triumphant returns” of long-lost guildmates. You know the types, they’re MIA for months and then log on with a “hey everyone, I’m back!!” and expect us to cue some “Hail the Conquering Hero” music. (We didn’t.)

Highest character Alliance-side at Wednesday 12:01 am on my server: level 64, night elf hunter. (wtf) Highest characters in my guild: a few level 62-almost 63 dings. (wtf)

Me, I’m still level 60, not even sniffing 61 yet.

I remember clearly now, why I hate leveling so much. I want to enjoy the journey, like so many around me, but I won’t until it’s over. I’ve always been more of a destination kind of player, and I’m not sure if that’s just me or if that’s how past games trained me.

One thing I do know for sure, if I can’t get that cello music out of my head, I may be level 60 forever. In a Warcraft guild full of ex-EverQuest players, that’s a bootable offense.

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  1. The only thing I truly wanted from the collector’s set was the pet, which I couldn’t justify spending the extra money for. I haven’t spent much time in outland yet; it was so lagged and crowded on my server last night it was just too frustrating, so I started my first Draenei (no, not a shaman, durnit!). Jewelcrafting is a fun toy.

  2. I have a job and I am 61. Yay me. We do have a 65 in the guild already. I’ll have to wait for the weekend to catch up. I’ve never ordered CE of anything. The only way I could justify is if in game items didn’t use a bank slot, or they have you huge bags as one of the bonus items. That I may pay extra for.

  3. Things went pretty smooth on my server, starting around 8:00 server time Outland started crashing pretty frequently, and this lasted until about 11:00. On the whole though I’m pretty impressed with how well it went. I’m really enjoying the new 5 mans and the feeling of being a noob again. I only made it about 1/2 to 61 but have already replaced a few pieces of gear (nothing higher than T1 for me).

  4. Let me just offer this tip from a guy who went from 0-310 Jewelcrafting in about a day. HUGE EMERALDS. Lots of them. 40 if you can get enough. And if you can’t just get them, have about 100 extra thorium ore to prospect. The advantage of prospecting that thorium being that you not only get high level gems for skilling up, but you also may get lucky and get the Burning Crusade level gems you need for sockets. The only recipe(this isn’t abusively expensive in mats) that is orange from 280-300 requires 2 huge emeralds.

  5. My server also was very smooth (US PvE server). There was some lag in Outland near the Portal, but the further west we went the less laggy it got. Even the Dranei starting area was very playable this morning.

  6. In other news last night I was able to ding 60.08.

    My whole goal for this week was to get BC enabled and log out in an inn so that sometime when I actually have time to play, say in 2 weeks, I’ll get to see big numbers.

  7. Atfter the first 24 hours I did a /who shaman on Dentarg and discovered a level 27 Draeni shaman in Scarlet Monastery. Presumably he was being powerleveled by a 60 warrior of the same guild.

  8. If you were serious about the binder, I think I saw some at Best Buy when I went to buy my copy of BC (normal version, they didn’t have CE though I don’t *think* I would have gotten it anyway….). They also had a nice large map of the old Azeroth, which has flight/boat paths printed on one side (without on the other), for $2.

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