Poor, Poor Pitiful Paladin

WoW Forums - Im a girl and im new to WoW Poor, poor Warcraft girl, can’t find anyone to help finish her Redridge quests.

Or, should we say, poor, poor level 60 paladin, forgot to switch posting identities before attempting a forum scam? He did fool a few would-be suitors, and possibly countless lurkers, before the scam came to light.

Poor, poor Warcraft forum thread, headed for glory, deleted by author, but thanks to my elite archiving skillz, I have a screenshot saved on Flickr and a Furl archive, for your viewing pleasure.

(Flickr: Click All Sizes to choose a suitable size for reading. Original forum thread was here.)

5 thoughts on “Poor, Poor Pitiful Paladin

  1. I put him in the time-out room for now, Big. I don’t mind sneaky ads, as long as they include some gold in my Warcraft mailbox.

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