A Mean Idea to Call My Own

Traveling today, back in my adopted town tomorrow.

In the meantime … I’ve done some work on back info you might find amusing. As you’ve probably noticed, I revamped the look around AFK Gamer. (And if you’re reading blogs via feed reader only, you’re wrong.) More importantly, I fixed some of the static pages and expanded the historical record. If you’re the type who enjoys second-guessing others’ poor decisions (e.g. mine) — and we’re talking YEARS OLD decisions here — you might enjoy this.

Within the limits of blurred memories, I documented my game characters and guilds over the past ten years. Here’s an example of why this is mildly amusing: EQ – Original Main: Druid (soloing juggernaut), Next Main: Bard (post-Luclin soloing juggernaut), Constant Alt: Cleric (equip my Mains, kthxbye).

Takes me a while to figure out the system, but once I do, immersion and community be damed, I’m working it.

While it took me weeks to remember all that and piece together the dates, I realized that most of the memories had become fond ones. That’s one of the advantages of losing your mind.

3 thoughts on “A Mean Idea to Call My Own

  1. I don’t know. Quite a few of the MS players were over in UO from time to time and I remember they’d asked me to try it a few times, I just never did. Probably I was too busy with school (i.e. drinking and sleeping around) to commit to another game. I was pretty reluctant to try EQ as it was, but abso-fucking-lutely everyone was going there so I got sucked into the vortex.

  2. Yeah, UO was the king-daddy. Really hope something can fill its shoes one day. Liking the site btw. Inspiring me to follow suit in some way. Good stuff.

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