Where in the WoW?

I had to search around a bit to find a harvest feast in World of Warcraft somewhat suitable for the American Thanksgiving holiday.


Where is it?

For the non-Americans in the audience, tomorrow is what retail people call Black Friday, because it’s the day when every American is required to go shopping ALL DAY. I’m not in retail, but I do promise to be part of the problem.

I’ll be in that traffic. I’ll stand in line. I might shove a little, but I’ll look innocent and gesture to the guy behind me. I’ll act impatient. I won’t know what I want to buy until I monopolize a salesperson’s time for an hour or more. I’ll want delivery on Friday. I won’t take out my credit card until after the cashier has rung up the sale. “What? I have to pay for this? I assumed a handshake would be sufficient.” And before it’s all over, I will have transferred a significant portion of my wealth back into the American economy.

That’s how I give thanks.

Have a good holiday, back next week.

13 thoughts on “Where in the WoW?

  1. Uhm… In Dun Morough, ya start off in a valley. Once you go from that valley, you get to a town, whose name I do not remember, hence the uneccessary explanation. That towns inn!

  2. Thunderbrew Distillery in Kharanos?

    At least I think it is… the only other ‘version’ of it I can think of is full of hostile dorfs in Dun Modr…

  3. DKP bonus to Gemma for citing the correct name of the inn. So Gemma, if you’re ever in my guild in this game or any future one, I’ll see that you receive that DKP bonus. Equivalent points to one piece of gear, your choice.

    I’m not going to gip you by saying oh, that bonus was only for bracers or a belt. Could be chest piece, legs or weapon, any of the good armor pieces, entirely up to you.

  4. Seeing as all my guilds have fallen apart… and I’ve just rerolled realms again… it’s a good feeling to know that somewhere in the WoW there is DKP waiting!

    I was thinking about transfering my paladin (Gemma!) but this new realm is too…new.

    DKP could be a good incentive…

  5. Lol my guild is fallign apart atm gemma. I hate how guilds break up so quickly. One day they are fine and the next day an avalanche of players leave for one reason or another. Gl with the DKP 🙂
    samownall World of warcraft

  6. Doesn’t this week still count as Thanksgiving vacation? I’m pretty sure it does. I know that no work is being done around my office … and won’t be until about mid-January.

    The other thing is, I FOOLISHLY bitched about my guild’s web presence. That we got any recruits at all with that steaming pile of crap is a testament to our loot farming dedication and (somewhat) stellar server reputation. (no thanks to me, btw)

    You know how it goes: you bitch about something, you’ve just volunteered. Dozens of hours later, our web stuff is done and operational.

    Best part of all was one of the officers asking if I had any experience with websites and posting news items. There’s a few titters in the background from the cool kids in the know … me, after taking a comedic pause, “a little.”

  7. Haha! I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut at work for the very same reason. I got tired of being volunteered to fix stuff. I also learned to stop suggesting proactive projects, cuz I got saddled with those too.

    Glad that you got it going and you’re more than capable. Are you going to remain the Admin for the guild site? That could get taxing. And from a purely selfish point of view, I hate it when my favorite bloggers disappear, so don’t get sucked into that vortex. My life is hell. I need the laughs, so I need you more than they do. *evil grin*

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