Thottbot, the popular World of Warcraft database and spoiler site, has been made over! The front page is still rather Google-like in its simplicity (one of its charms, in my opinion — don’t mess with that, mystery site makeover person! — but with a fancy graphic and more prominent advertisements. As of today, Thottbot’s biggest lure was left untouched … Free. (Furl Archive of how fancy Thottbot looked for that one day.)

10 thoughts on “Thottbot

  1. Free, except for the fact that it and its sister site, Allakhazam, were bought by the biggest gold farming operation on the planet, IGE.

  2. Thottbot has always had its problems with reliable stats, but I don’t understand the IGE shots. There’s blood on its metaphorical hands? Seems they’ve been cautious about running any prominent gold sales ads on the front page, but maybe I missed it.

  3. I’ve been using wowhead lately instead of Thottbot. I like the interface more. The only downside is that it’s still newish, so the comments haven’t built up to the same level as Thottbot’s, so occasionally I need to swing back by the ol’ Thott to see if anything useful has been said about an item I want.

  4. The problem with wowhead is it lacks the long flaming that every weapon is in fact, a hunter weapon.

  5. god damn IGE for paying websites bandwidth charges, damn them to hell. the worst part about IGE is that i have to support them….

    oh wait, nm.

  6. Hmm, doesn’t look any different to me. I don’t see any ads at all. Oh, right, I run Adblock Plus in Firefox and AdSubtract for IE. I never see ads.

    If you see ads when you surf, you are doing something wrong.

  7. Don’t get too excited about your leet adblocking skills. Thottbot only had the site redesign up for a short time. It has now reverted to the normal, Googleish interface that we’re all used to.

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