8 thoughts on “Where in the WoW?

  1. felwood is certainly a good place to go if you want to get ganked by 60s swinging through looking for consumables.

    actually, it’s been a lot better since they linked the timers on those consumables and pots / etc.

  2. Hunter epic turnin. Felwood. 1/2 to 3/5 through the zone headed north.

    Cool, too….only place where you see Ents gather.

    Or whatever WoW calls them.

    Was hoping in a battleground we would get a “last charge of the ents” type thing through Alterac Valley style play. Not happened yet, but I’m still hoping.

  3. Aszhara Crater should do that, it’s supposed to be NE themed. If Blizz ever releases it, that is.

  4. See, that one is an easy one (Felwood) – that’s the only zone in the game that looks like green diseased pools.

    The plaguelands are more like… brown diseased pools.

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