Millions of Forum Links Suddenly Cried Out

Last week, World of Warcraft’s six million monkeys typing, aka The Forums, were migrated to new software, perpetrating one of the largest linkocides in gaming history. Old links referenced on AFK Gamer are, for the most part, archived on Furl or on Hanzo. Generally, I’ve already posted the archive link in each post. I’m all about future-proofing. Live threads on the old Warcraft forum software can be accessed, temporarily at least, through — that is, an old link like this (mouseover to examine, left-click is dead) becomes this (mouseover to examine, left-click to read). That’s a good thread, by the way — solid discussion on rogue PVP builds and tactics.

2 thoughts on “Millions of Forum Links Suddenly Cried Out

  1. It should be noted that most of the Furl archive links do not work, at least previous to the time of this post (2006.08.29). I guess it depends how far into the future they should be -proofed. 🙂

  2. Think for Furl archiving, you have to have a furl account to see my archives. Generally, I try to SS the page and post an image for the non-furl-subscribers.

    Shoot me an email on what’s missing or if you have some advice on archiving transient material.

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