Dark and Light, Free and Not

Dark and Light, self-titled largest MMORPG you’ve ever seen, became available for all takers this week with a two-tier subscription system: Free with limited access and abilities, $14.99 a month for unlimited. I’m not sure I’ll fork over $55 to download and try a game I’ve heard almost nothing about — except from the German dude who was in my Star Wars: Galaxies PVP guild way back when — but I like the free or not system. From the official site, available races: ELVES! Four flavors of elves! Plus, Dark and Light humans will mate with just about anything it seems: demigods, elves, orcs, trolls, occasionally other humans …

4 thoughts on “Dark and Light, Free and Not

  1. I downloaded it a few days ago, but then realised creating a basic account just to try it costs $55, so i uninstalled it. MMOs like this need a lower barrier of entry if they want people to try their game.

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