This is Stupid and very Sprite

Sprite (aka Coca-Cola) wants gamers (that’s YOU!) to consider their soft drink the drink of champions (not you currently, but maybe if you start chugging Sprite instead of that nasty Mountain Dew or other Pepsi product). I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, Snoop, the Doggfather, introduced the Hip-Hop Gaming League, a new video game league for famous people that drink Sprite. Here’s the announcement. There aren’t enough words for lame in the English language to describe this marketing campaign, although, I’ve just now thought of a new one: Sprite.

3 thoughts on “This is Stupid and very Sprite

  1. Promising to “change the face of sports and video gaming forever,” entertainer Snoop Dogg today announced the formation of the Hip-Hop Gaming League, a new sports organization melding two of his favorite interests.

    That’s funny…. I thought Hip-Hop and MaryJane were his two favorite interests.

  2. I like how Snoop Dogg is wearing a Steelers cap. Nothing like a BAND WAGON. But then, I guess that would appeal to the sports gamers that worship at the throne of Madden.

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