Move Along, Nothing to See

Here’s another thing I just don’t get.

A few of the former EQ guildies have moved on to EQ2; they’ve been there since launch. They’ve loved it and hated it, just like everyone else with their game of choice.

So yesterday, EQ2’s Kingdom of Sky expansion launches, and there’s a few delays, rollbacks, crashes, digital downloads that won’t — typical Launch Day crap — and the EQ guildies are livid. No noobs they to the woes of a Launch Day, but to hear them tell it, I should just shut the fuck up about Warcraft queues and shittorent patches, they’re living a nightmare here!

Thought I, there should be some good rant reading on Wednesday, probably a LOT of good rant reading. (MMO Truth #3: Players hate rollbacks. To actually have something in your hands — levels, loots, whatev’s — only to have it snatched away in a few minutes time, that’s hated.)

So, umm. I found this: Kingdom of Sky Off To A Great SOE Start. And this: Kingdom of Sky Issues. I found a few EQ2 forum rants, but I was really after a good writeup.

I know there were rollbacks, I know there were crashes, I know there were problems with downloads, I want to know how bad; gimme an anecdote, figures, something someone heard from a friend of a friend of a RL GM, anything.

Which brings me to what I don’t get: is everything so wonderful in EQ2 that there’s no bullshit to report? Where’s the guys to tell us what’s REALLY going on over there? I’m not trying to bang on EQ2’s population figures because all’s not so well in Warcraft-land either, but is this game so off the radar that no one cares?

At any rate, next time I talk to the EQ guildies, I’m going to straighten them out: they need to stfu about the KoS launch, I’m living a nightmare here with queues and shittorent patches!

3 thoughts on “Move Along, Nothing to See

  1. I think if you’re really looking for some info on EQ2 would be to keep up-to-date on the high end raid guilds in the game. I know back in the EQ1 days FoH ( news page and forums always made for good reading. Of course now FoH is in WoW and Furor works for Blizzard. (funny how those things work out!) Find the top raid guild websites, and there’s your goldmine right there.

  2. Krones is on the money, for me at least. Too busy grinding. I’m trying to keep up with everyone in my main guild and I started a guild with people from my forums on the PvP server. I’m writing this while waiting for a teleportation spire to activate.

    The launch had server problems the first day, which was understandable. But problems on day two are not understandable. I’ll write a more detailed report this weekend. This week’s posts were pre-written.

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