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The World of Warcraft forums were DEAD, no drama to be found in the obvious places, so I stopped by Vanguard to see what they’re up to lately. Maybe it’s time to put down my money (no) or there’s a “TODAY ONLY, FREE BETA ACCESS FOR EVERYONE” type thing (no). The news page is chock full o’ info about their recent Fanguard, however, the latest fan event for a game that isn’t released yet.

I think if you’re a fan of something that isn’t available, that right there is the very definition of fanboi — real similar to buying tickets for the midnight showing of the newest Harry Potter movie.

This project — and it’s just a project until it’s almost go-time as far as I’m concerned — has so much goodwill, even I am amazed. We’re talking more goodwill than pre-release World of Warcraft. Incredible.

Anyways, I saw that The Safehouse has a vansite writeup of the vanfest which includes photos (score!). Crimony, after checking their front page, I think it’s safe to say that they’re fully committed to this Vanguard project: 15 of 20 front page items are vancentric.

That is going to be a shame when the goodwill runs low and people start to turn against the game, as we always do.

I’m keeping my expectations and my goodwill low. Pleasantly surprised is so much better than abysmally disappointed.

One thought on “Vansites at Vanfest

  1. I played Vanguard at a friend’s place (he’s in the beta) and was surprised how dull and unfinished it was. No apparent quests yet and very liitle to do but bash random mobs loitering around the newbie town.

    Another thing that was readily apparent but that I haven’t seen anyone comment on is how amazingly much like DAoC it looks. I felt like I was roaming southern Midgard — the same vacant open spaces with nice scenery but little else but scattered mobs. Yeah, the graphics are more modern, but it still felt empty and soulless like much of outdoor DAoC.

    Like you, however, I am still hoping it manages not to suck.

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