History of Azeroth

Warcraft guild progression by server: History of Azeroth. Currently, there’s over 450 guilds reporting their progress through the endgame content — some servers have zero guilds participating, some have upwards of 19 and 20 guilds reporting. I’d say you could spy on your rival guilds with this, but I know that you already know very well where everyone on your server is because EVERY guild has a guy that just HAS to announce in guild chat when other guilds kill ThisMob or ThatMob as if we need a fooking raid ticker in chat. Meh.

One thought on “History of Azeroth

  1. It’s interesting to see some of the guilds that aren’t listed there. As an example, Elitest Jerks on Mal’Ganis have been clearing BWL for a long time, but their list doesn’t have that. Somehow, I don’t think the good guilds are signing up for the service… 😉

    I think someone really really wanted to wave their epeen but disguised it by saying “Hey everyone! Let’s all wave ’em!” so that he didn’t look like such a putz.

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