Drama WRU? Oh, Here.

Get yer vicarious Warcraft drama here: Ctrl Alt Delete guild unceremoniously disbanded. My read is that there was a drunken guild disband, followed by nuking of the guild forums, etc. Sadly, this happens all the time. Once a guild starts wobbling or tanking, take immediate steps to preserve the guild data: screenshots, database backups, use pen and paper if you have to. Vindictive bitches will nuke whatever they can just cuz they can. End of Lesson.

One thought on “Drama WRU? Oh, Here.

  1. Heh, I love guild drama. It’s like soap operas for nerds.

    On a sidenote, apparently ctrlaltdel-online.com was redirecting to penny-arcade.com, now it’s gone completely.

    Tim Buckley’s drunken tantrum fit spills over to him tearing down his own website? Disgruntled Rapscallion seeking revenge through defacement? Drama, drama, drama. How delightful!

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