Content for Nothin’ and Nerfs for Free

Hey World of Warcraft people. New content patch, 1.7 for those keeping track. Details here (9/13/05 patch since that’s not a permalink. *sigh*)


Zul’Gurub – 20-player high-end PVE raid zone. Could be cool, depending on how “rare” those rare and epic items are. I tire of “rare” being equivalent to “almost never seen”, but I tire more of 40-player raid zones. It’s like trying to move a small country through a dungeon.

Arathi Basin – 15-player team PVP zone. If we can ever convince Horde to come out to play, we might have something there.

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza – occasional and (I think) recurring fishing event in STV. Can I win a bass boat? Because I’ve noticed with fishing that I really need my own boat. I understand I’d have to pay docking and launch fees and all that, but I need a damn boat.

That Dressing Room Thing – umm, ok. Although they must realize, players collecting their epic pieces have little choice in what they wear so umm, ok. I guess nice for little levels and players who somehow have gajillion open slots in their bags.

Hunter Talents – hunters got some attention with redone talents and a complete refund on talents to respec accordingly. I know more than a few disgruntled, former hunters that may haul their characters off the shelf now.

That Nerf to +Defense Items That You’ve Heard So Much About – ouch. They say this won’t be that big of a deal, but we all know how that goes. Unfortunately, with warrior changes, there can be this nasty trickle down nerf effect where everyone gets hit, but I’ll reserve judgment until after the warriors bitch INCESSANTLY in guildchat tonight. Then the priests and druids will bitch, then the dead rogues, probably the dead warlocks next, et al.

Enhancements to Need before Greed and Group Loot Options – heh, looks nice on paper, but I sure wouldn’t advise using this in a PUG. That NBG randomer has NINJA written all over it.

And the very best change of Patch 1.7 is …………………………

You can now disable the slow scrolling of text when you are receiving a new quest!!11! I think there were mods that disabled this already, but I never got around to finding same and installing. Laziness does have its price.

Best. Change. Ever.

Now if they would just add fishing boats (plskthx), I could safely AFK all the time, far from the madding crowd.

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