‘Second Life’ membership now free

September 12, 2005 by at 1:26 pm • Filed Under Asides 
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‘Second Life’ membership now free | CNET News.com — trickle-down economics in the virtual world … interesting. Hope it works out better there than it did out here. (But where can you buy the damn hookers?!?!?!)


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  1. Saccia on September 12th, 2005 4:17 pm

    Wierd. I’ve never understood what Second Life was about or what the point was. It seems like a MMORPG minus the ninja-looting, epic-farming, item-fighting, guild-idioting, level-grinding, bot-farming, loot-whoring, etc. Seems like a chat room…. hell, perhaps that is the perfect MMO. 😛

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