3 thoughts on “Bikinigamer

  1. “how, we (the collective gaming industry-gamers-anything that has ‘game’ as a suffix-we) are DRIVING women away.”

    Hmm no.. that just doesn’t seem right.

    “how, we game bloggers are DRIVING women away.”

    Ah.. much better.

    Hmm now I’m off to look at an animated gif for half an hour.

  2. Why no contest to find Rallos Zek or Mithaniel Marr lookalikes? They’d probably have to sweeten the winnings considerably to get many apps … I dunno, like a hooker and a case of beer as the prize … but still, it’s doable.

    All this talk about marketing to women, encouraging women to game, blah blah, how bout we stop acting like this is a club for middle school wankers? And when I say we, I mean them.

    I’m also available to provide diversity advice for homogeneous industries.

  3. While I respect your criticism, I totally don’t believe anything my blog does is actually affecting the female gaming population. It’s a blog, that’s it. Get over it. Besides, there are actually a lot of female gamers out there. They just don’t announce it to the public because of socially inept gaming nerds will freak out on the net and in online games. Anyways that’s my two cents.

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