New Worlds of Wonder

In my e-mailbox today, (my real life email, not my AFK Gamer mailbox — Foton doesn’t shill for anyone except Foton.):

City of Villains — Preorders available from selected retailers (EB Games, Game Stop, CompUSA and Best Buy). Includes: beta access, two-day head-start before it ships to the public (you know you want that, you gaming whore!), an exclusive in-game item (any chance that won’t suck?), some limited edition poster, 14-day free trial of City of Heroes for you and one of your imaginary friends, and a CD-ROM with art and shit.

I checked the Game Stop link (Hail, click through!), preorder is 50 bucks with an ETA of October 31, 2005.

So, we have that going for us. Which is nice.

Also, the somewhat anticipated Dungeons & Dragons Online sent out alpha invites recently, with promises of additional invites in the (near?) future. (Found on Betawatcher. FFS, I don’t start camping a game website until closed beta approaches.)

Turbine SAYS the DDO ETA is the second half of 2005, which, to me, means … they need to get that bitch out in time for Christmas.

Meh. I don’t even know if I’ll bother with either.

(You don’t believe that shit, do you? You KNOW I’ll try them both like the gaming whore I am.)

4 thoughts on “New Worlds of Wonder

  1. Eh…. I’ve just lately joined Guild Wars and pulled a few guildmates with me. I figure it if I play it slowly and alternate between it and WoW I just might be able to make it last long enough to make it to LoTR Online. I keep telling myself that the rule is wait 6 months *after* the release of a major MMO. But in the years and years that I’ve been playing, my MMO whore-self can’t hold out on my crack addiction to MMOs.

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