What the? Where Did All This Extra Gold Come From?

It’s all over the net today: the latest, and possibly greatest, dupe bugs in World of Warcraft to date. No, I won’t tell you how, but as is typical with dupes, it involves rubberbanding (sync’ing issues), passing items around, and then TADA!! duped gold and items.

I don’t know how long this has been going on … for crissakes, I don’t follow the hack sites, but I hear things. I try to stay plugged into the grapevine and I hear things.

And what I heard was that there were “issues” with the instances. Fuck, I knew that, I’d been burned by instances since last Tuesday. Instances that wouldn’t load, instances that would drop me 20k feet, instances that didn’t spawn bosses, instances with no mobs whatsoever, instances that wouldn’t spawn AT ALL but would spit the group out into another instance (wtf) — frustrating, to say the least.

Anyhow, I suspect that either the chicken or the egg came first: either the instances were hyper goofy because Blizzard was rushing to fix the mess, or the hyper goofy instances begat the duping. Whichever way, please let the mess be over.

My thinking is that the lion’s share of the dupes are discovered accidentally. Y’know, there’s some buggy thing that goes on and the one guy notices his equipment and wealth has expanded, he mentions it to his bud, they carefully retrace their steps, there’s some trial and error, and then BA DA BING, they can replicate the dupe.

Naturally, they immediately tell absolutely everyone they know and it becomes a textbook example of why two people will never keep a secret forever.

Which is exactly how I heard through the grapevine about the instance “issues”.

Guild is going to one of the Plaguelands’ instances and we pick up a couple of acquaintances to fill out the groups. We send the warlock out to summon because why the hell would we guild and financially support a warlock if not for the summoning? (Ya, the rezz safety net is nice too, but that summoning is SWEEEEEEET.)

The two acquaintances race out to the instance and begin having troubles with zoning in and out. Which they discuss in /raid chat, openly. Finally, one of us asks, why the fuck do you keep zoning in and out if you’re having trouble, and further, why are you pestering the warlock again and again for summons???

There’s a brief silence in /raid chat, and then they explain the instance “issues” of which they are taking advantage.

/gu WTF

Yes. WTF, indeed.

(And that is why two humans will never keep a secret, ever.)

Anyways, we told them to knock it off, we fixed the raid/group bug, and commenced the raiding, killing and looting. Ok, not so much looting, but lots of killing.

Every once in a while, one of us would /gu So. or /gu So? or more bluntly /gu So, when we’re done inside here … because it’s on everyone’s mind. It’s the timeless, age old MMOG dilemma, do we or don’t we?

Well, do you or don’t you?

6 thoughts on “What the? Where Did All This Extra Gold Come From?

  1. Using the old way Raids and quests USED to work. The new motto of warcraft is “Exploit early and exploit OFTEN”. Although dont be a dumb arse and use the dupe bug on your main acount, get a dummy one 🙂

  2. I know your adage “exploit early and often” was partially in jest, but duping (above all other exploits) affects every one of us.

    If the question was a simple as “is it right or is it wrong”, we know the answer to that. It’s not that simple, however, and those who don’t exploit pay a huge price, for many months to come.

  3. I say do. After all, all this inflation can only weaken the market for gold farmers. If China is going to manipulate their currency to screw over the U.S. economy, why not manipulate WoW currency to screw over THEIR economy, BWAHAHAHA!!!!!


  4. considering i worked nearly 3 months to get my epic mount and still have not finished the temptation to “do” was rather high, but i have some years ago promised myself never to exploit anything knowingly (sp?) and so far i have done that.

    It’s funny though that absolutly everyone and their monkey knows about this today, i know blizzard stationed GMs at some instance entrances to watch this behaviour and i know of at least 15 people who go banned on my own server in the last 2 days for duping, so at least they are trying to react.

  5. Meh. The temptation is always there, but so is the knowledge that the economy I’d be screwing up (okay, screwing up more) is the one I have to deal with if I keep playing.

    And honestly, as much as I’ve been laughed at for saying it in other situations, cheating just takes the fun out of the game. When I start using cheat codes and hacks, it’s a pretty good sign I won’t be playing that game much longer.

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