The Ole Dusty Road

Welp, it’s time to hit the ole dusty road. Foton, the Guild Wars character, needs a vacation.

Just a change of scenery. A summer project, as it were.

Maybe a few weeks carousing in Booty Bay. I do miss stumbling home from the local tavern to my shack high above the bay. Obviously I’d need some drinking money … goblin snort don’t come cheap. But, a few hours in Blackrock each day for a night of debauchery in Boot-ay seems a small price to pay.

One of my drinking buddies is trying to sell a romp in Camelot. Of course, I explained that I wouldn’t be “romping” anywhere, thankyouverymuch, but a few weeks fighting the good fight for Albion, Midgard or whateverthehell that last one was wouldn’t kill me. Actually, fuck the last one, I didn’t hit max level in that realm so would be Albion or Midgard. Not to mention all the expansions I don’t have and if memory serves, my toon is dirt poor. And probably has shit equipment by today’s standards.

Norrath is never out of the question. I learned long ago, my friends, Norrath is never out of the question. The new and improved Norrath, that is. I have far too much pride to log into EverQuest as a level 65 that’s 239,058 expansions behind the 14 people that still play. Heh, thank god for EverQuest 2 or I might have to swallow that pride.

Usually, when I’m feeling overworked and under-entertained by the current MMOG offerings, there’s a beta on the horizon that I (foolishly) hope to get in. WHERE’S THE DAMN BETAS? I mean the big boy betas … I’m not a niche player. I’m mainstream.

I realize that Foton might raise a red flag on a beta invite (if Foton tells the truth on the NDA app), but Whiteblo, the late 20s, employed, mild-mannered American with a long resume of gaming characters and subscriptions could squeak through.

God Bless Internet Anonymity!

And for the record, if I did squeak into a beta, I’d keep my fool mouth shut on the blog, especially if I hated the game. I would remain UNCHARACTERISTICALLY silent. *nudge nudge* Fair is fair, their house, their rules.

Once I’m paying the bills, then I can open the poison pen; when I’m a guest, I’m silent as the grave.

Anyhoo, I’ll probably wander over to Azeroth for a few weeks. Check out the Battlegrounds that I’ve heard one good thing about.

Two million boxes out the door, that means it HAS to be good.

6 thoughts on “The Ole Dusty Road

  1. I’m more or less in a similar situation.

    The WoW guild where I am has around 200 characters in it and it’s falling apart because not enough 60s to farm MC. Which is pretty much the same is happening everywhere with droves of guilds spawning and disappearing in a matter of weeks. Peoples arrive at 60 and then leave to join another guild offering access to phat leet.

    The rest is about sitting in IF for two hours trying to join WHATEVER. And even if after two hours I find something, about 90% of the times the raid/group falls apart.

    The BGs aren’t even a possibility. I’m not going to wait in queue to rinse and repeat that mess. Alterac is unplayable to me since I do not have broadband, Warsong, when I can enter it, is fun for an hour, then bores me to tears.

    I wish I could play. But the endgame is screwed between insane grinds and content completely inaccessible to me. The rest is sitting LFG in Ironforge or in a queue to enter a BG.


  2. I’m more or less in a similar situation, as far as looking to take a break. I recently hit the 50’s in WoW, and I’m just not feeling enthused about the top-level content I have to look forward to. (For my tastes, anyway. YMMV.) I’m just not that interested in PvP, and I dislike their ladder system — oh, great, another treadmill, except *this* one moves backwards on you! A Red Queen’s Race is NOT my idea of enjoyment.

    Then again, I never played the Warcraft games either, so I’m probably not their core demographic. Maybe this appeals to the BattleNet types. Considering the queue times, it would need to be excellent just to be worth the trouble, I’d think… Nor does the thought of trying to get 40 man raids for the hope of a useful drop appeal to me.

    I’m considering trying out City of Heroes; I grew up with comics and superheroes, I played Champions, it has real appeal to me. I like the lack of itemization, limited bank space has been driving me nuts in WoW.

    I dunno what it is… but frankly I just haven’t felt like logging on. So I think I’ll cancel my subscription before it runs out in two weeks. Maybe they’ll add some cool casual level 60 content in the coming months. Maybe I’ll decide raids are cool. Or maybe another game will come out first that I’ll spend my time (and money) in…

    Right now, I’m going back to Dungeon Seige, for some good RPG action. Plays a lot better on the computer I built for WoW than it did on my old one…

    Never go on an adventure without a hat!

  3. Yep. The BattleGrounds (mostly Alterac Valley it seems) are fubar. I hear Warsong Gulch isn’t too bad of a wait if you don’t mind doing MMORPG Capture the Flag. And when I’m talking wait, on Azgalor it’s a 1:40 wait for a single player for AV. When I joined with 2-3 guildies it was WAY past 2:20 and still no entrance. The problem is that no Horde are playing in AV so the conditions are never met to open more than 1 BG. Hopefully, the next patch will fix this by allowing Horde to join all the way from Orgrimmar. WHY wasn’t that put in when BG was released?

    As far as LFG goes, I’m a Warlock. So after 6 months of being crapped on by patch nerfs, I’m feeling pretty good at the top of the game. Saturday I put out a LFG in IronForge that looked like this “Saccia the Drunken Warlock is here. I’ve had 2 dirty martinis, 2 red wines, and a couple beers but I can slice/dice and hand out healthstones with the best of ’em. Invite me for Strat, Scholo, etc.” Believe it or not, I got 2 invites for Strat and a Molten Core invite. Warlocks at about 60 have groups by the balls almost as much as the healer does. Perhaps more. A healer can’t do shit for you when 2/3 of the way through MC you wipe.

  4. The queue system for Battlegrounds is definitely NOT the one good thing I heard. I’m sure it’s been suggested and is difficult to implement, but inter-server queues for BGs would solve the queue problems. (i.e. your group, or partial group joins a queue and you’re matched with players from other servers)

    @Saccia, I have noticed that warlocks hit their stride in the late game. Wish I knew more 60 warlocks. (In fact, the few I knew before may not even play anymore. Damn.)

  5. Btw, Foton. If you were looking for a beta to hookup with. Fileplanet has a preview (for everyone not just subscribers I think) for Asheron’s Call: Throne of Destiny. I suppose since AC2 sucked so much Turbine decided to try to revive ole AC1 through an expansion and a free preview. I’m gonna go check out my old favorite MMORPG and see how it’s changed.

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