I Could Be Wrong

I used to say “don’t make a movie about an amusement park ride unless you enjoy failing in a very public way.”

I used to say “don’t make an online massively (!) multiplayer game about a movie unless you enjoy failing in a very public way.”

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl proved me wrong on the first point, could they prove me wrong on the second?

Sticks and stones, love.

Listen, it could happen, but when the world is narrowed to an episode (read: movie), you need console gaming. Linear, solo gameplay is the choice here, not player-created, persistent, immerse me in my own societal filth-type gaming where I’m paying the bill each month.

Now if they said: “It’s pirates! And it’s in the Caribbean!”, I might buy into this. Pirates could be a vast world. (avast. heh) It might involve being a ninja. We NEED a solid pirate MMOG. And more ninjas.

Slapping a franchise onto a virtual map does not an online game make.

But thanks for whoring out what was otherwise an enjoyable movie. (Matrix Online, I’m looking in your direction here.)

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