What Girls Want

Maybe you’ve seen this list already: Top Ten Girlfriend-friendly Games.

If you have a girlfriend, wife, or other significant woman in your life, I really can’t recommend shoving this list in their face. You like to live, don’t you?

(Bejeweled for crissakes!! We play that at work when we have a few hours to kill.)

Why is it such a mystery what games the fems like? They like the same things other people (read: not women) like, they just seem to like other things too … like maybe ponies, I dunno.

Honestly, gaming girls aren’t so rare like it was five years ago. It’s been a full infiltration.

Those message boards post in every goddamn online game about: “I’m a girl, I play WoW, are there any others out there lol?” It’s damn tiresome. Ya, there’s lots out there. You want a prize for having a vagina? Get in line, there’s at least a couple hundred ahead of you.

Women like to shoot, they like to kill, they like to craft, they like to group, they like to solo, they like to solve quests, they like to get the uber, (and this one is puzzling) they like to help others … kinda like everyone else, except that helping part. What the fuck is that all about?

When I first read that list this week, I sent the link to one of the gaming women I know and asked what she thought about it. (I didn’t dare bait the hook with: maybe she’d like to try one of those instead of the upcoming Guild Wars. heh, I like to live.)

And I quote: “ya, very funny.” But it didn’t sound like she found it funny, not even funny ironic.

I was scared.

5 thoughts on “What Girls Want

  1. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve seen the kind of women who are into video games (esp MMOs) and it’s not my cup of tea. I’m much rather have a gf who gets pissed that I play than have a girl who enjoys being a dwarf paladin.

  2. Dude, you are on very thin ice there.

    We’ve all seen pics of fan faires and other player events. Ya, looks like an ugly convention. But there are good looking women that play MMOs. I would not even venture a guess as to the percentages.

    I wonder if the good looking women don’t attend fan events or other public gaming situations to avoid the stalkers and the psychotic fucks that are prevalent ’round these parts.

    But actually, the topic here is what games appeal to women, not whether you’d hit that.

    Now hopefully I won’t log into an angry TeamSpeak channel tonight for 1. giving bandwidth to that ridiculous list and 2. perpetuating the myth that only the fugly play MMOs.

    EDIT: I also could be misunderstanding the commentary … maybe you meant that your gf is beautiful and sadly has no interest in gaming and since you’d never even look at another, ergo no interest in MMO females. Ya, that’s probably it and I salute your devotion.

  3. Or maybe it’s that his game playing significant other has hijacked his PC to feed her own WoW/Sims2 addiction, and he’s not happy about having to grab *another* PC to be able to game again.

    Or maybe that’s just me?

    (Love my wife, just wish she hadn’t got an Apple. 😉 )

  4. bugger… i enjoyed animal crossing and am curious as to some of the others there now.

    they forgot playboy mansion, without a doubt, the best girly game ever. what’s that, you can dress up all the characters, hire and fire staff and have multiple relationships yet they’re trying to sell this to boys… it’s like the sims with the boring things like needing to eat taken out. many a good girly gaming night has been spent on that game since it was released.

    massive amounts of hatred towards anyone who considers gaming chicks unattractive by default btw. seems online computer gaming is the one hobby that boys cannot accept (‘but there must be a *reason* why you want to hide behind a pseudonym and avatar… yeah dude, it’s called fun).

  5. I put a link up to the post with the understanding that they were reaching for “non-gamers”. That seemed to be the idea behind the first paragraph, anyway.

    I asked my fiancee what she thought of the list and kind of sniffed.

    I’m glad I posted it the way I did.

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