I Hope This is a Joke

I popped over to the World of Warcraft site to check the new PvP stuff and saw this topic on the front page:

Forum Watch

See that? Forum Watch is a registered trademark? Please, that has to be a joke.

As a joke, it’s worth a chuckle. If it’s the real deal, the funny factor has just increased ten-fold.

6 thoughts on “I Hope This is a Joke

  1. Anyone can put “TM” on stuff. It is merely the assertion of a trademark. It applies to goods or services that are used in commerce, i.e., use it in reference to selling goods or services. Trademarks are ‘use ’em or lose ’em’ essentially.

    You should actually put that after “afkGamer”, and with the copyright notice on the bottom of your website if you think you might ever use it commercially. You don’t want someone else to do it and then complain you are violating their trademark.

  2. Ok, that’s like dying on stage. Don’t worry, I have other material.

    Q: How many players does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A: I dunno, but any more than one and it’s an exploit.

  3. How many NPCs does it take to even be able to screw in a light bulb?

    “Where’s the Light Bulb Screwing Trainer”?
    “Where’s the Light Bulb Vendor?”
    “What creatures drop a ladder?”
    “LFG for LB”

  4. We’re sorry, the lightbulb is currenty down for emergency maintenance. Thanks for your patience.

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