Who Wants Pie?

There’s this NPC in Ironforge that wanders around all day muttering about pie, so I attempted to converse with him. What is this strange obsession he has with pie? Does he have a similar fascination with other tasty treats? On his rare days off (I think only Tuesday mornings during weekly maintenance), does he have pie then also or is pie the last thing he wants?

Pie Dude

He was oddly uncommunicative about his other interests — probably one of those Type A gnome workaholics.


Leveling up the army of alts is starting to wear thin. The constant supervision, the gold outlays each week to keep them properly equipped (in style!), and redoing some of those bastard collection quests that take 38 hours to collect all the pieces. We’ve since named those quests as having the FSOA … the Furor Seal of Approval, your assurance of sub-par drop rates.

Ho Healers

It’s time we expect the alts to start pulling their weight a little bit on these farming adventures, like a recent jaunt to the Scarlet Monastery. Instead of chatting amongst themselves about who are the server jagbags or what uber piece the Nameds might drop, maybe they could toss a heal every now and then. GOSH! Flippin’ idiots!


Who ya gonna call? In the Stormwind Mage Quarter, there’s this group of chicks sitting around on the grass yammering about magic suchandsuch. One day when I was passing through on my way to somewhere else, I overhead this conversation. Heh, important safety tip.

If you haven’t ever seen Ghostbusters, you’re wrong. I had the deluxe backpack nuclear accelerator (unlicensed, of course), traps, the model car … cuz I was cool like that as a kid. I came, I saw, I kicked its ass — every day after school. (Some quotes from Ghostbusters … hilarious even just in print.) Anyways.

Scam or be scammed

Guess who was hunting in one of our questing zones a few nights ago? That’s right, Mr. Scamsalot, who apparently has found Jesus and realized the error of his ways. He’s gone straight and needs questing groups. His biggest problem is finding people to group with him — Gamers having a long memory for those with bad reps and all. He could group with this guy though, who thinks learning lessons the hard way is a good thing … presumably unless he’s the one learning the lessons.

That’s cool. Q can join Scamsalot on the Guild List and learn some lessons that way. What goes around always comes around in the small world of online gaming.

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