I Refocus

Over at The Cesspit, Abalieno cited a Blizzard response to the concerns about Warcraft /randoms and the graphic Dice Rolls.

It will take you all of about 5 seconds to see where they have their wires crossed. And, if you still have the courage to read through more rhetoric, here’s a Blizzard thread “answering” other recent issues and concerns.

Really. I tire of the bullshit and the noobety. I could devote my entire content to poking fun at their circular logic and utter fucking incompetence, but I prefer not to be consumed by that. So much more fun for me, and I’ll assume for you, to write and read about murder and mayhem in the online world.

Summing up: Content is king, but delivery is its handmaiden. Your better mousetrap doesn’t mean dick to me if I can’t use it.

Blizzard has lowered the bar by which all others will be measured. Congrats on that, assbags.

2 thoughts on “I Refocus

  1. Exactly. Ranting about Blizzard’s incompetence is merely a tasty sauce that nicely complements the rest of your online adventures in WoW; sure, you can *drink* the gravy, but gravy is traditionally not a self-contained beverage.

    I heartily agree with your last lines – Blizzard has now lowered the bar. Game publisher momos who don’t know shit about online games will simply look at the “market leader” and tell the devs, “Hey, do what they do – people will pay CASH MONEY for queues, poor customer service, and glacially slow updates!”

    Thanks a lot, you fucking nooblets.

  2. 0 for two, I’m afraid.

    Nobody could really find anything wrong with the dice roll post unless they just want to find faults in Blizzard and see them EVERYWHERE.

    That isn’t a blizzard thread, it’s a white post about blizzard threads (Because the goddamn forumers ignore blue posts one minute and then complain they don’t get answers the next)

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