Mr. I Like to Type, This /Ignore is for You

It had been a peaceful, lazy afternoon in Stranglethorn Vale. For the prior hour, maybe two, it’s been quiet in general chat … the occasional question on where suchandsuch mob is, what level for suchandsuch quest, and can anyone help NoobX with elite quest?

Then she zones in. Err, he. At first we thought it was a she, as she, (which turned out to be a he), was a lollerskater, a chatroom refugee, a “let’s play a zone-wide game of Twister!” raw noob. You know the type … more squirrel than human.

My head aches just remembering it. WEEEE, She/he loves this zone (lol), it’s great for (lol) druids, weeeeeeee, reminds her/him/it (lol) of Lord of the Flies (wtf), which is like total her/his/its favorite book EVER (lol). Except there’s not a lot of pigs around. Total! (lol)!

Not a lot of flies or unsupervised children around either but, that’s just belaboring the point. Reminds me more of Florida because it takes DAYS to travel from the north end to the southern tip … won’t see me annoying the zone with my pointless observations. I like to save those for the blog.

Guildmate, Relogger Dude, naively thought that if he answered her (his) dozens of questions about where to quest, where to finish quests, where to get the griff route, et al, she (he) would get down to work like the rest and allow the peaceful lull of the afternoon to return.

But oh no. She/he wants to start up (yet another) Warcraft trivia contest. “Anyone, anyone? The Undead were originally what race???” (Is it, STFU?)

Or how about this gem from circa EQ/UO 2000 … The Top 10 Signs That You’re Playing Too Much Warcraft? Anyone? Anyone?

Relogger Dude pointed out that if there was a God, the squirrel’s internet connection would blow out soon, and he was willing to do some serious divine bargaining in exchange. I’m more inclined to hope for a death in a fire, but hell, whatever works … and soon.

After enduring a round of “name your favorite movie!”, it became clear there was but one way to deal with this squirrel: reshuffle the /ignore list and make room. The other guildmates followed suit shortly thereafter, and as far as we could tell, peace was restored.

Well, mostly. For some reason, the zone started talking about The Jungle Books.

4 thoughts on “Mr. I Like to Type, This /Ignore is for You

  1. You do know you can leave gen chat right?

    Your ingore list is for people pestering you with PMs

    People who are hyper sensitive about thier ignore list are as annoying as those spamming gen chat with nonsense

  2. It used to be that the intelligence of /1 was proportional to the distance from the n00b zones. Unfortunately now the game has been out long enough to make that less of a truism.

    At least on the PvP servers, the Chatty Cathies usually get ganked while they’re typing 🙂

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