Leave Nothing, Not Even Footprints

I ran across a couple of interesting websites while having coffee this morning. It was one of those “google for computer+speaker+lawnmower+Tahiti, end up in someone’s virtual living room” things.

The first is a blog focused on Spouses/Significant Others of EQ Players, and the other is a message board of a recovery program for addicted MMOG players. I skimmed a few of the posts and articles … holy f’ing shit, what a wasteland has been wrought!

At first, I thought permanent links over that way might be a good addition to my page: anti-game sentiment, stories of gamebags doing bad things, etc. Then I realized that these were people that had been destroyed by assclowns. Their former lives are smoldering ruins, for crissakes. Even the assclowns are candidly confessing their sins and transgressions.

Fuck, I can’t make fun of that. These are broken people trying to piece it all back together. My issue is with dumass games and their creators, not with players that have been ground to a pulp in the cogs. I poked around a bit, then backed out as quietly as I had arrived. I left no comment or email.

Beware the ides of March, Caesar. Beware.